How Do You Answer The Question:

"What Is God Up To In My Life?"

Are You Having A Difficult Time Hearing From God?

Are you going through a major life transition, crisis, pain, loss or change and can’t figure out what God is up to?

Are you plateaued in your spiritual growth, having difficulty hearing from God? Do you sense a distance between you and God that has not been there before?

Are you middle aged (40+) and beginning to focus on the second half of life? Do you sense a need for a deeper life in Christ that your present devotional methods are not providing?

If a combination of some of these questions describe your condition, you would likely benefit from having an older spiritual companion to walk alongside you. Spiritual Direction provides the context for a spiritual conversation to emerge over your personal spiritual growth.

It is not counseling, therapy, or teaching, rather it is a conversational relationship between you and a trusted companion (Spiritual Director) and the Holy Spirit. It is a conversation led by the Holy Spirit with a shared listening and response. It goes as deep as you want to go, and you proceed at your own rate.

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Bill Kieselhorst

I have 35 years of ministry experience shepherding and mentoring pastors and leaders in Africa and the U.S. I have found that the nature of these relationships has been relational, intentional, conversational, spiritual and, in many cases, lifelong. It has resulted in many, many rich, intimate friendships in the Spirit of Christ.

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The basis of my practice is developing a trusting relationship between you, me and the Holy Spirit. An awareness of God’s presence grows as we trust one another in the presence of the Spirit of Christ and share what we hear Him speaking and revealing in your life as we reflect upon it.


We believe God is calling you to a deeper relationship with Him. Often this is discovered in centering prayer or some form of listening prayer. We intentionally meet regularly over a six- to nine-month period to pray, listen, and discuss what we sense God is doing in your life. The Holy Spirit responds in grace to our intentional prayer and engagement.


My part is to pray and listen to your words and share what I hear the Holy Spirit saying in you. Together we discern and learn what God is up to in your life. We do this through a shared conversation or dialogue. It is directed in that I ask you questions that clarify what you are hearing and relating.


My role is to help you learn what God is doing in your unique personality and stage in life. As you grow from a focus on doing life to a focus on being a whole person, the Holy Spirit becomes more central to your awareness. You could call this mindfulness of the imminent presence of God, which is sharpened in centering prayer and clarified and validated in spiritual direction.

Jesus encounters us as a friend and walks with us throughout our lives, and yet we are unaware of him most of the time.

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“Bill has been walking with me for years, and without his guidance I would not have made it.  My journey has been unusual, and it has required great sensitivity to the voice of the Lord.  Bill helps me hear better.”

CEO of investment company

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