“Bill has been walking with me for years, and without his guidance I would not have made it.  My journey has been unusual, and it has required great sensitivity to the voice of the Lord.  Bill helps me hear better.”

CEO of investment company

34 years ago, Bill Kieselhorst came into my life as a young Bible college student in Ikorodu Lagos. Nigeria. I’m yet to recover from his impact in my life ever since. Bill helps you discover God’s purpose and direction in life through conversations and soul-search questions. He patiently and skillfully listens so as to understand you and not to control stuff.

Bill is a veteran missionary and elder in the Body of Christ. He’s a Papa with a heart of gold for old and young. When you ‘hang-out’ with him, you will discover yourself and God’s will for living.

Pastor Isaac Komolafe. Regional Overseer. Foursquare Church. Northern Nigeria.

“Bill has been a wonderfully patient mentor to me for over a decade. His ability to listen and hear my heart in spite of my words has been beneficial. He is one of the few people in my life who is willing to speak hard truth with love. I find his friendship, godly wisdom and sense of humor essential.”

Kathy Alexander, Missionary

“It has been my privilege to be in Spiritual Direction with Bill this past year. I have found him to have the gift of being able to listen deeply to both me and the Holy Spirit and then reflect what he has heard. Bill truly cares and his walking with me in our time together is transformative.”

Ted Swinburne, Senior Pastor, Christian and Missionary Alliance Church

“As a pastor, I have found the practice of meeting with a spiritual director to be invaluable.  The practice of spiritual direction- that is, having someone who will help you listen and through the practice of asking good spirit-led questions, help you identify God’s voice and activity in your life, is vital.  As pastors, we are always helping others care for their souls (their interior life), but our ability to continue in that practice hinges on the condition and wholeness of or our own.  Bill has been a great gift to me in helping me tend to my interior life.     Bill’s experience and capacity to help me recognize God’s presence and activity in my life for the last 11 years has been an incredible gift.  He has helped establish in me a capacity to hear and see God’s activity in my life from a new vantage point. His openness about his challenges and the seasons he has experienced, enabled me to meet God in each of the various seasons I have encountered in whole new ways.   Bill’s extensive experience in the African mission field is such a gift in helping me to think and see my world from an eastern perspective.  Bill’s attentiveness to his interior always invites me to slow down, lean in, and listen to what God might be speaking in and over my own heart.  Bill partners with God in asking me great Spirit-led questions that invite me grow in my intimacy with and trust in God.”

Jason Albelo, Lead Pastor, East Hill Church

“Bill has become a vital guide in my life. He has helped me understand the difference between the voice of doubt and the voice of the Spirit as I have journeyed into the vocational and identity challenges specific to my recent leadership transition and the second half of life. Along the way, he has naturally become a dear friend, mentor and fellow journeyman on the road towards wholeness.”

Todd Hiestand, Owner, 343 Consulting, LLC

“Bill Kieselhorst has significantly encouraged me on my spiritual journey.  His unique combination of keen insight, authentic spiritual depth, and passion for life have helped me ask better questions about my journey and obtain far better answers.  His spiritual friendship has especially coached me through challenges in my leadership, tensions in interpersonal relationships, and brokenness in my inner self.  He has given me a view of God who is present, compassionate and involved, regardless of my pain.  I recommend his direction to all those who are teachable, but recommend they keep their seat belts buckled.  God brings lasting change through Bill like few others.”

Dave Metsker, Pastor Leadership Development, Canby Foursquare Church

“A former pastor, missionary, and faithful friend of God and others. These are just a few of the descriptors I would use for Bill Kieselhorst. My relationship with Bill has spanned over three decades and I continue to be amazed by his grasp of contemporary culture and God’s Kingdom realities. There are many pastors and teacher, preachers and proclaimers, but Bill’s ability to help you examine life while living it, is a rare gift in the Body of Christ. A common question I hear often from emerging young leaders, “where are the elders in the Body of Christ?” In every sense of the definition, Bill is one of those sought after elder, a father in the Faith. I am blessed to have him in my life.”

Larry Spousta - Leadership Heath Coordinator/National PastorInternational Church of the Foursquare Gospel

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